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The Fountain Church

Missional Communities

As our vision at the Fountain states we are striving to help people to THIRST for God, DRINK and believe His truth and OVERFLOW this love into those around us.  We believe that Missional Communities are an integral part of that process.  We view forming people as a process that keeps in line with our main vision.  For Missional Communities, we are gathering to help people grow by choosing to do life in the everyday with others who want to see the gospel transform our community!  Nobody is perfect, all are welcome, anything is possible!  It could mean you are a beginner or someone who is mentoring future leaders.  We want to help people always take the next step in the journey and growth in Christ.  As this process continues to develop we will be developing leaders who develop leaders who are on a mission to make ripples for Jesus in Chippewa County and around the world.

  Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.       Matthew 6:33




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Is the gospel your mother tongue?  Can you speak the truths of Jesus into the stuff of everyday life?  In discipleship, this is an essential skill in order to see lives transformed.  We want to be a part of those transformations starting with us and then moving through us.  


flu·en·cy / noun

:the ability to speak a language easily and effectively


Even if they want to, many Christians find it hard to talk to others about Jesus. Is it possible this difficulty is because we're trying to speak a language we haven't actually spent time practicing?


To become fluent in a new language, you must immerse yourself in it until you actually start to think about life through it. Becoming fluent in the gospel happens the same way—after believing it, we have to intentionally rehearse it (to ourselves and to others) and immerse ourselves in its truths. Only then will we start to see how everything in our lives, from the mundane to the magnificent, is transformed by the hope of the gospel.

"Gospel Fluency" by Jeff Vanderstelt