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The Fountain Church


Just who are we at The Fountain?  What is at our core?  Here are our six extreme values.


                 We are serious about God's Word.  We firmly believe that the Bible provides hope for life and wisdom for living.  


We teach its content so that we can live out our MISSION.  The  Bible is not just a convenience store for people to pick their favorite parts, but it is a mandate with marching orders for a radical and disciplined life.


                           It is important that we have a high view of God in order to have an impact for God in this world.  Worship is more than singing.  Worship is keeping an open line of communication with God in all that we say, think, feel, and do.


                      We cannot do anything of value on our own power and strength, we require the Spirit of God in order to be a stream of living water.  Prayer is more than a superstitious habit for people who vaguely acknowledge God.  Prayer not only changes our circumstances, but gives us a renewed perspective as we listen to the heart of God.


                                   God cares for all people.  We do too.  We are a church that values all people and realizes that becoming like Jesus is the matter of life.  We believe that Missional Communities are a great way to help each one of us process life and become like Christ.  Come do all of life with us!  


                        Jesus' example requires that we serve people.  We want to be the first to serve our  community.  We do not serve to get noticed, but because service is a direct attribute of God.  Wherever there is an opportunity, we want to be the first to wash others' feet or bring a cup of cold water in Jesus' name.


                     Because parents want the best for their children, and we believe that kids are valuable to God, we teach them how  Jesus changes lives in a way they understand and enjoy.  Kids are not only our future, but our present as well.  See KIDSTREAM!  The other part of future is a culture which can reproduce and multiply itself in every situation.








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